The Dentist Office

So I have a lot of teeth related issues and have for awhile now. All my wisdom teeth are impacted and my front teeth are either chipped or the enamel is gone. I am not the best at taking care of my teeth, I know this.  Though I am trying to do better, I have stopped drinking soda. I only drink water, milk, and tea now. Though tea is basically water and milk combined…at least for me.

About year ago I tried to go to the dentist as my mouth was in a ton of pain out of nowhere and I also had an ear infection pop up on the same day. It was terrible. I made an emergency appointment to go see a dentist and find out if they had something for the pain I was in. Well the dentist I saw then kept treating me like I was stupid and would also talk to my husband instead of me. Like somehow me mentioning I was Autistic made him think less of me or something. I only mentioned it because I wanted him to be aware of sensory issues and why I have them. Anyways the way he treated me pissed me off and kinda put me off from going to the dentist for well a year now. Dentist offices already scare me and cause me to shutdown, I don’t need to be treated terribly on top of that.

So for the past year I have been dealing with the pain by taking Goody’s Headache Powers as pain medicine and using a face caddy cold pack thing. Which works most of the time anyways for pain control. If any of you are wondering about the headache powder, I cannot swallow pills at all. So powder is sooo much easier for me, on top of that the flavor I get is Mixed Berry and it tastes like a pixie stix.

Fast forward to this past Saturday (Feb 11th), the left side of my mouth decided it wanted to be in pain for 24 hours. And my body decided it was going to ignore all medicine I gave it to make the pain go away. And my cold pack was only sorta helping. I did however discover that music helps pain go away, so music (The Beatles) was making the pain vanish or at least be bearable pain…

On Sunday after I awoke after I had finally fallen asleep after laying in bed awake from 11pm to 1pm…I emailed my old childhood dentist in Columbus. I live up in Cleveland. I let them know my maiden name and how long I had known the dentist (since 1994). And also in my email I told them I was autistic and explained why I prefer not to do phone calls. (Since I did not get my diagnosis until 2015, they did not know I was Autistic. The last time I went to their office was in 2006-2007.) My dentists wife is the secretary there and she made me so happy by letting me make the appointment via email. And she even worked with my schedule of when I will be in Columbus. So I have an appointment next week to get x-rays and then we will discuss where to go from there on removing my painful impacted wisdom teeth.

I am happy I finally decided to contact them instead of looking for a dentist near where I live. I feel a lot better and less anxious about this appointment since I know them. And I know they will take my sensory issues and accommodation requests seriously. I will likely request using the lead apron as a sort of weighted blanket if he can do the wisdom teeth removal there. And possibly see if I can have my headphones and my music playing as well.

Anyways expect an update next week sometime with more on getting my mouth fixed.

RedBubble Shoppe!

Worked on some new shirt designs recently.

The first one is of my Owl character named Phaedra and her bird friends, they represent Neurodiversity.

The second one is just of Phaedra with the text “Happy Flappy” above her.

The 3rd one is the word “Neurodiversity” with the text “#ActuallyAutistic” underneath it.

The 4th one is just the word “Neurodiversity”.

And the 5th one is a Spoon with the text “Low on Spoons”.

These designs are available on RedBubble as various clothing pieces and other types of items.

Autistic Faerie RedBubble Shoppe


This weekend I will be going to Ohayocon.

I have been attending this convention since I was 15; I am now almost 28. Even though it’s not one of the best conventions, I go to see all the friends I have made over the years during it. When I was younger and before my diagnosis, going to conventions had been where I found my people – others like me. Many of these friends were also undiagnosed Autistics and didn’t realize it until I got diagnosed and started talking about autism things.

I have found that fandom conventions in general have a lot of Autistic attendees, as they are a place where we can be super geeky and info-dump about special interests, yet mostly no one bats an eye. Normally in public settings I am very shy/reserved and I try to hide. I do not “people” very well at all. On the other hand, at conventions I am very outgoing and am very much in my element. Also, without fail, some “muggle” will come ask me about the convention – no matter if it’s one I am staff at or not.

I have been attending conventions almost half my life now. They are a huge part of my life; so much so that my husband and I got married at TrotCon 2014, which is the one we own/run. It just made sense, as both of us have been attending conventions forever now.

I do hope I continue to make more friends by attending conventions.

Debut of an Autistic Faerie

Greetings all! Welcome to the Otherworld.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Robyn. I am 27 years old (28 in March) and got my official diagnosis when I was 26. However, I self-diagnosed first; which means I did tons and tons of research on the subject, talked to other autistic adults, and talked with friends who have autistic children. I have been on a path of self discovery since 2010, but back then their wasn’t much information in regards to autistic adult females online. I actually suggested my male best friend was autistic way before I ever figured out that I was!

So how did I figure out that I am Autistic? In June 2013 I had just come out of an emotionally abusive relationship that my now-husband rescued me from (we got married in June 2014 on the Solstice). After being in that emotionally abusive relationship, I hit what I now know as Autistic burnout. From the summer of 2013 until the spring of 2015 I was quite depressed and I had also lost a bunch of coping skills due to hitting a burnout period. It wasn’t until April 2015, after my husband had pointed out a few of the things that I did, that I was able to pinpoint why I was having issues. He mentioned that my face never quite matches up with my emotions unless the emotion is extreme. I was also losing words a lot and going non-verbal. I asked my friend who has an Autistic daughter if she thought I might be Autistic too. She said very much yes that I was and she had suspected it back in 2014 when we had chatted after my wedding for a couple of hours. So from there I researched a ton and proceeded to drive my husband and friends crazy telling them all of the things I was learning.

When I was in 4th grade I was put in a gifted kids class with a vague mention of autism. My parents did nothing with that information, and none of the other schools I attended ever brought it up. Females on the spectrum are very good at mimicking their peers to try to blend in the best they can. Even with my supposed mimicking of my peers, I was still very much the weird kid. All of my classmates knew I was different, even I knew I was different, but I had no clue as to why. That is part of the reason my blog is titled “The Otherworld” – I have felt my world has always been elsewhere.

Finally, at age 26, I found my Otherworld and those like me. It’s been amazing having others to talk to who are the same as me. We can communicate and understand each other on a whole different level. I finally understand myself and can explain to others why I have issues with certain things. I love having the proper words to finally explain my experiences.

Anyway, welcome to my world: The Otherworld.