Autism Acceptance Month – Day 11 – Community

— How are you treated by your local community? —
Well, I don’t really go outside of my house much, so I don’t interact with my neighbors at all. Even though I tend to wear shirts with Autistic related things on them when I do go out and about, I haven’t had anyone hassle me or anything.

— Do you participate in any online communities? —
Yes! I am part of a few. Obviously the Autistic community, which I usually have nothing but positive experiences with (although there are a few exceptions). While people in the other online communities I am a part of know I am Autistic, they do not seem to be comfortable when I bring it up or mention things relating to it/me. Or they ignore that I have said anything and continue talking as if I didn’t post anything.

— How have they reacted to you being autistic? —
My friends in the various communities that I do talk to a lot have reacted positively. Some of them are Autistic themselves. Like I mentioned above, most just ignore me. During the convention I run everyone who I told that I was Autistic (including those who attended my panel) were actually very interested and wanted to learn more. Overall I have had more positive experiences than negative ones.

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