Autism Acceptance Month – Day 14 – Identity Language

Identity first language is me saying “I’m Autistic“. When I was first learning about autism a couple of years ago, I would sometimes use “aspie” as a sort of short hand. I no longer do that though, as I have made it one of my life goals to help change how the word “autistic” is seen and used. Aspergers/Aspie is also used by a lot of people much like a functioning label to say that they are better then those “Autistics”. This is why I don’t use that term. Lastly, I am not a “Person with Autism”, as it’s not something that can be removed or changed. I will always be Autistic.

I think us Autistics need to reclaim how “autistic” is used. I still hear it being used as an insult. Additionally, there are still some people who think “autistic” means low functioning and “aspergers” means high functioning, which is simply inaccurate.

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