Autism Acceptance Month – Day 2 – “Everyone’s a little autistic.”

No. No they are not. If they were, then actual Autistic people wouldn’t have such a hard time in society. We wouldn’t be mocked, we wouldn’t have so many people trying to rid the world of our existence, and our needs wouldn’t be constantly dismissed.

While there is some truth in saying “but everyone does that”, the fact of the matter is that Autism is about extremes. Example: I am a picky eater. As in very picky. I have an extremely limited diet. On the other hand, both my husband and my best friend are not picky eaters in the slightest. They are very much eat everything Autistics. They’re perfectly fine with trying new foods and eating many things far beyond normal comfort zones.

Another common saying is “everyone fidgets”. Yes, non-Autistics do fidget, but we are stigmatized and derided for stimming/fidgeting. There are people always trying to get us to stop because it “looks weird”.

If everyone is a little autistic, then why does society give us so much grief for existing? And why do people try to change us and try to make us appear more Neurotypical? Why are we not allowed to just be ourselves?

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