Autism Acceptance Month – Day 24 – Comfort Items #2

Another comfort item I had when I was really young (ages 1-5) was this yellow dog plush. I remember taking him everywhere with me. He was slightly weighted – I later learned that he was filled with ground nut shells. That also explains why I could never get the horrible scent of patchouli off of him, since he had organic materials inside. I was devastated that my brothers dad sprayed him with that scent, as I hated it. It was horrible and a sensory overload, so you can imagine as a tiny Autistic child I nope’d and didn’t want anything to do with my dog plush anymore.

I no longer have the plush, but I did find a picture of one online. I think by the time mine got ruined he was missing his nose and his fur was very matted, yet I still loved him to death. While searching for this photo I learned he was a Dakin Drooper dog made in the 1970’s. I knew he was my mom’s as a kid, and then she gave him to me.

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