Autism Acceptance Month – Day 7 – “I’m Autistic?”

Today’s post is about when I discovered that I was Autistic. It was just over 2 years ago. I figured out that I was around April 21st, 2015, I believe.

My journey of self discovery actually started in 2010. I had thought I might be Autistic (back then I was thinking Aspergers, as I didn’t understand that there was not a difference between the two –  but that is a post for a later time). I was not finding information about females with Aspergers back then. It just wasn’t really a thing talked about online. After a while, I gave up my search. Later in 2010 I pegged my best friend as having Aspergers; since he was male, it was easier to find information and he also had a lot in common with another friend of mine who was diagnosed.

In 2013 I hit autistic burnout really hard. I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship and it took its toll on me. I lost many coping skills I once had and I had no idea why I was having so many issues. My now-husband helped me through that though, he is the one who kept pointing out things which in turn helped me form an idea of what to look up online. Then, in 2015, I finally started researching things again. Suddenly, after finding some good resources and the Autistic community at large, my life started to make sense. I finally understood myself a whole hell of a lot better. And I had the words to explain why I had the issues I was having.

Since I figured out that I was Autistic, I haven’t stopped researching and learning more. I also love reading stuff written by other Autistics through which I can discover new things, even those I didn’t realize were autism things. Now I write posts here to help others like me and to help educate the world about autism.

I am glad to have finally found my people and my community. I no longer feel alone, like an outsider in a vast and frightening world.

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