Welcome to the Otherworld!

My name is Robyn, I am 29. This blog will be me talking about my personal journey as an Autistic Adult, who only recently learned she was Autistic. I received my official diagnosis in November 2015. After finding out I was Autistic my world, the otherworld, finally made sense. I’ve always known I was different. I finally know why. I am able to finally understand myself and better explain myself to others as well. So that is some of what I will be sharing here.

I very much love all things magical and fantasy in nature, hence the whole Faerie theme with my blog. In 2017, when I started this blog one of my goals is to become more faerie-like in appearance as well. Which I did by dying my hair a blue-black. My mental health has already improved from just doing that. Earlier this year (2018) I took that a step further and did a black to purple ombre in my hair. Hoping later this year to go completely purple!

I own a business called Dragon Adventures LLC, which originally started out as an event planning business. I have since branched out to start my own online store for weighted plush and stim toys. My husband and I run a convention that is going into its 7th year called TrotCon, a My Little Pony & Western Animation convention. We also started a 2nd convention for just Western Animation called BuckeyePop!, its first event will be this fall (October 2018).

So join me as I talk about my adventures and my attempts at making the world a more magical place.