Autism Acceptance Month – Day 6 – Creativit...

I have heard people say that Autistics aren’t creative and have no imaginations, all because we don’t play the “typical” way. Well, let me tell you: I had a great imagination as a kid. I also loved doing art and other crafty stuff. My great grandma would watch my brother and I during the summers and we would always go to the craft store to figure out new projects to work on. I love art and being creative, and always will.

I have been posting my art online for years. What kinds of art or crafts I have been doing has changed over time. I used to post some of my drawings on my original deviantart account; I also made plushies back then (though they weren’t that good). I tried though, and I enjoyed it. I eventually moved on to my newer deviantart account where I posted custom MLP figures I painted/re-haired and the MLP enamel pins I designed.

Now, over a decade later, I run an online shop for  items such as weighted plushies, stimmy toys, hand sewn doll clothing, and tie dyed human clothing. And I am launching a line of enamel pins for the Autistic and disabled communities. I also dye most of my fabrics myself. Dying/tie-dying has been a special interest of mine since I was young. With my shop I get to combine so many special interests into one big endeavor and I enjoy it immensely. I love that I can share my work with others and make them happy too.

I have mentioned in other blog posts I also run a convention. That simply requires me to be creative. I work together with the core staff to figure out the convention’s theme every year and together we come up with an ongoing story and artwork that fits the theme. I also do all the layout and design for our convention’s program guide, which I maybe enjoy way too much!

I enjoy being creative and coming up with fun ideas and projects! So anyone who tells you that an Autistic person can’t be creative is spouting 100% Grade A bullshit.

Shirts and Cards!

I got two new shirts just in time for Autism Acceptance Month in April. The first one fits very well with my blog’s namesake and says “I’m an Autistic Faerie”. And the second one says “Neurodiversity” on it and is red, which I got to promote #RedInstead. Can’t wait to wear them and show of my Autistic Pride.

I also received my new business cards for this blog as well. I had them done with a purple background to match my header. I plan on carrying some with me at all times to hand out when needed to those wishing to learn more about autism from an actual autistic adult. And for those looking for good autism resources.

RedBubble Shoppe!

Worked on some new shirt designs recently.

The first one is of my Owl character named Phaedra and her bird friends, they represent Neurodiversity.

The second one is just of Phaedra with the text “Happy Flappy” above her.

The 3rd one is the word “Neurodiversity” with the text “#ActuallyAutistic” underneath it.

The 4th one is just the word “Neurodiversity”.

And the 5th one is a Spoon with the text “Low on Spoons”.

These designs are available on RedBubble as various clothing pieces and other types of items.

Autistic Faerie RedBubble Shoppe