This weekend I will be going to Ohayocon.

I have been attending this convention since I was 15; I am now almost 28. Even though it’s not one of the best conventions, I go to see all the friends I have made over the years during it. When I was younger and before my diagnosis, going to conventions had been where I found my people – others like me. Many of these friends were also undiagnosed Autistics and didn’t realize it until I got diagnosed and started talking about autism things.

I have found that fandom conventions in general have a lot of Autistic attendees, as they are a place where we can be super geeky and info-dump about special interests, yet mostly no one bats an eye. Normally in public settings I am very shy/reserved and I try to hide. I do not “people” very well at all. On the other hand, at conventions I am very outgoing and am very much in my element. Also, without fail, some “muggle” will come ask me about the convention – no matter if it’s one I am staff at or not.

I have been attending conventions almost half my life now. They are a huge part of my life; so much so that my husband and I got married at TrotCon 2014, which is the one we own/run. It just made sense, as both of us have been attending conventions forever now.

I do hope I continue to make more friends by attending conventions.

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