28th Birthday!

As of today, I am now 28 years old. It weird to think that I have now been an adult for 10 years, at times I don’t feel like one. And I am definitely not where I thought I would be in life, but I am happy with how my life has turned out thus far anyways.  I look forward to seeing where I am in another 10 years.

I have added a gallery of photos below from my birth in 1989, my 8th birthday, my 18th birthday, and now my 28th birthday.

Shirts and Cards!

I got two new shirts just in time for Autism Acceptance Month in April. The first one fits very well with my blog’s namesake and says “I’m an Autistic Faerie”. And the second one says “Neurodiversity” on it and is red, which I got to promote #RedInstead. Can’t wait to wear them and show of my Autistic Pride.

I also received my new business cards for this blog as well. I had them done with a purple background to match my header. I plan on carrying some with me at all times to hand out when needed to those wishing to learn more about autism from an actual autistic adult. And for those looking for good autism resources.